Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Random thoughts....

This past weekend I helped my parents clean their new house, they should finally be able to move in next weekend. UGH, what a pain that was to clean. Why 2 people feel the need to build a 4700' house for just them is beyond me! Cleaning it gave me a whole new appreciation for my <800'!! :) Then I got to thinking what their heating bill is going to be like! Yikes! Again, I love my little condo! Speaking of which, I can't believe I have been in my condo for almost a year now! Wow, time flies!

Today I reached my 18 day goal of no spending days this month, and I still have almost a week go to. Hmm, I wonder how many days I will really come out without spending this month???

Today is my nephew's 10th birthday! Holy cow, again, I ask, where does the time go? Seems like it wasn't long ago that my sister in law was calling and asking if I wasn't too busy that morning, would I be able to drive her to the hospital?? I remember driving her in a panic during rush hour and timing contractions!! ;)

So far this month I have earned $24.10 from surveys and loads of free stuff, I'll fill you in on all of that at month's end.

I'm taking a vacation day from work on the 31st, no particular reason, just want a day off. And if I don't use up all of my vacation time I lose it, so rather than have that happen, I am going to take a day for myself and relax and enjoy.

Hope spring is looking good for everyone.


Canadian Saver said...

18 huh? You're ahead by 2!! great job :-)

Good plan to take the 31st off, it perfectly falls on a Monday!

HighClassLowIncome said...

I should maybe try to set a goal for myself of no spend days, you and canadian saver have inspired me!

Thanks for visiting the blog, look forward to reading soon.

Escape Brooklyn said...

Holy cow - 4700 square feet?! I hate cleaning my own small apartment and couldn't imagine trying to clean so much more space! Not to mention buying furniture and "stuff" for all the extra room.

Not that I don't want a *little* more space, of course. ;)