Thursday, March 27, 2008

A great day of mail

The other day I opened my mailbox to find all kinds of fun stuff. Checks from 3 different survey companies, a survey to fill out and mail in with a $1 bill in the envelope and a product to test for the next week that I will later fill out a survey on and be paid $8 for participating. Not a single bill to be paid was in the mailbox, nor was there any junk mail. Yeah! What a fun day to open the mail. ;) I look forward to more of these days, hoping they come more frequently.


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shinyruby2 said...

yeh! gimme more of those days! I look forward to having a mailbox like that SOON - debt payoff isin action x

Escape Brooklyn said...

I'm still mad at a couple of those survey companies for not sending me checks, so I've been taking a bit of a survey break. But maybe I should start up again...

Enjoy your long weekend! =)

budgets are sexy said...

Sweet deal! i've never gotten a $1 bill in the mail before. ever. but hot dogs would i feel good i bet :)

am i a nerd for loving junk mail and bills? i like feeling of "ooooh, i wonder what this could be!", and the satisfaction of paying off the bills..

speaking of which, i better pay one before this weekend comes around.

Canadian Saver said...

I love checks in the mail too, no matter how small the amount!

Kimberley said...

Don't you just love receiving that type of mail, today I came home to a couple of free samples, that aways makes me smile!!