Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finishing up March...

I hope on a high note. I am taking a vacation day tomorrow and other than hosting dinner for my girlfriends, I don't have much planned. I should end the month with 20 no spend days!! I ended up doing a pretty major grocery shopping trip yesterday and have stocked up on quite a bit of food. This should keep my April grocery spending in check. Also, I received a gift card for Omaha Steaks, and placed my order on Friday, this should be arriving on Thursday. I've never ordered from them before, but I'm excited to see what the products are like. This will really stock my freezer up and I shouldn't have to buy any meat at all for the next couple months. I'll let you know how it is.

I filled the gas tank this morning too, which usually last for me about 2 weeks or more. If all goes well, I should only have to buy gas one time in April.

I am challenging myself to spend less than $50 eating out in April as well as having at least 20 no spend days. Also, no buying clothes in April.

April my first annual payment is due to my parents for the money they loaned me for my condo down payment. I will be paying them $2100/once a year for 10 years. I'm hoping to have it paid off sooner than 10 years though, I don't like owing money, especially to family. I know they don't mind, but it makes me feel strange owing money to family.

Other than that, I don't anticipate much excitement in the month of April. I would be very happy if this rainy, snowy, crappy weather would subside and the sun would come out. I'd really like to pull out the flipflops and dust them off! Let the sunshine!!!!

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budgets are sexy said...

i hear ya on the loaning money to family stuff...not the easiest, but it looks like you have a pretty positive outlook so far!

i think if everyone is on the same page, it should go pretty well. i give my brother $120 each month to help him pay his mortgage, and so far so good :)