Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More money to put into my Roth...

In my previous post I mentioned that I was going to put $1200 from my tax refund into my Roth IRA and use the rest ($123) to buy a couple pair of jeans. Well, last night I had to meet my mom at the mall to give her something I had been holding onto for her. I decided to start looking for some jeans while I was waiting. I haven't received my tax refund yet, but it doesn't hurt to look. I also had a $40 gift card to Macy's in my wallet. And I knew it would take me forever to find some jeans, I'm only 5' and very thin, so pants that fit right are hard to find. So, I headed to the petite section at Macy's and found about 5 pair of jeans to try on. First pair I tried, OMG, they fit!!! And fit perfectly! And the price?? Only $48! So, with tax, they total came to $52.78, I used the gift card and only had to pay $12.78 for a great fitting pair of jeans. :) I only bought one pair for now, I want to see how they wash and wear. But now I know I can find some jeans that fit without breaking the bank!! I know I had said I was going to buy a couple pair, but I think I will hold off, see how it goes with this pair and go from there.

So, for now I will add $1300 to my Roth IRA, I'll keep the other $23 and maybe treat myself to a pedicure once it gets a little warmer and it's sandal season again! :)


Anonymous said...

Good girl!! You did way better than me......I BOUGHT THE MACBOOK AIR!!

Now I want jeans too!! You are a bad influence! :-)

Lilo said...

Doesn't it feel great to find a pair of jeans that fit great?
Enjoy them!