Friday, February 29, 2008

February wrap up.....

Wow! What a great month! I have NEVER been so under-budget in so many categories!! I'll just jump right in with it!

Groceries: Budgeted $100, spent $36.78
Dining out: Budgeted $100, spent $36.67
Gas: Budgeted $100, spent $68.51
Clothes: Budgeted $100, spent $31.23 (includes dry cleaning)
Gifts: Budgeted $100, spent $47.50

Most other items were all within a few dollars of what had been budgeted and thankfully for the most part, all on the under-budget side of things. I did again go over in my entertainment, this being the final payment on my football season tickets, but the other months this year should be so under-budget that it should really help bring this in line.

I only added $180 to my savings, but also put my $1300 tax return into my Roth IRA, so I feel good about that. I will keep plugging away, trying to save money where I can and see how it goes. If I have more months like these, I will be able to put lots of money away and should definitely reach my savings goals sooner rather than later. And you know I like that! :)

Oh yes, all this and I had 17 days where I spent nothing, zip, nada, zilch, absolutely zero!!!!


SavingDiva said...

WOW! You really stayed under budget! Congrats!

Canadian Saver said...

You did really great, congratulations :-)

(I'm adding you to my blogroll too!)

Canadian Saver said...

oops you are already there!

Kansas Simplicity said...

That is a great month indeed!! Congratulations and keep up the great work.

Escape Brooklyn said...

That's impressive! $36 in groceries wouldn't last me a week! Are you sure you're eating enough? ;)

And congrats on putting the whole tax refund in the Roth!

Living Almost Large said...

Wow, how did you spend so little in groceries?