Saturday, January 12, 2008

Paying off debt and losing weight; the similarities....

I have a friend who has recently lost a great deal of weight and she looks fabulous!! She gets compliments on her new figure all the time and it's great to see the turn around in her self esteem. I asked her how she feels about the weight loss, the work it took to get there and if she ever thought she might slip back in to her old eating habits. She admitted that she does occasionally cheat, but that "nothing tastes as good as thin feels!" This got me to thinking about money and being in debt v being debt free. Having been in debt up to my eyeballs before and now having only a mortgage for debt, I can completely relate to her feelings of success with her weight loss. I just wish I could come up with some way to put it as eloquently! ;) It really does feel amazing to know that I am building my future and am done paying for my past. Can anyone think of a great way to phrase this? I'd love to hear what you might come up with.


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Escape Brooklyn said...

Hi Change,

Wow, your blog is so blue now! I like the change. =)

I don't have any clever expressions for how it feels to be debt-free, but it would be amusing for see TV ads for a debt-loss product the way we see TV ads for Jenny Craig. Maybe Kirstie Alley could yell at us all to stop spending as she shows off her stockpiles of cash the way she brags about how much weight she's lost.