Thursday, January 31, 2008

January wrap up....

Wow! Where did the first month of 2008 go? All in all, for me it was a good one, with the exception of this cold I now have, my first in over 2 years! Darn it! As far as money goes, I was under budget in a lot of categories this month, so I am pleased.

Groceries: I spent a total of $95.66, thanks in part to some great bargains, some thrifty shopping, a free grocery store gift card and a little meal planning. I am still eating a lot of the food I picked up on my Jan. 17th shopping trip.

Gas: Only spent $55 this month, and I still have a half tank, so I should be able to make it through the first week of February without having to fill up also. I'm sure it helps that my commute to work is only 7 miles each way. :)

Dining out: I had budgeted $100 and only spent $68.38! Not bad!

Clothes: I actually came in negative in this cateogory. I budgeted $125 and returned some items I had bought last month, making this category -$208.79!!! With my birthday coming next month, I am hoping to keep this trend going.

Gifts: $17.66 plus whatever I spend on my neice tonight, although that could fit into next month since I will give it to her on Saturday. But still, a far cry from the $100 I had budgeted!

Now, for the categories I went over, UGH!!! Entertainment! This has a lot to do with the renewal of my football season tickets and can't be avoided, but I enjoy it so much, I don't care! :) Health and beauty were also over since I had my hair cut and foiled, but that only happens once every 3 or 4 months, so most months this is under. My phone bill however was high (over by $30) due to too many text messages! Ugh, but I have added an unlimited plan to avoid this happening again! Everything else was pretty much on course and I managed to put $525 in my savings account, so that 's good. I changed my car and homeowners insurance this month, it won't save me any money, but my new agent is someone I have known for a long time and I would rather give my business to someone I know, than an 800 number for customer service. I rounded my mortgage payment up to the next 100, paying an extra $53 on it this way. Oops, almost forgot to add that my electricity bill was over my budget by $38, but dang, it's been too cold not to have the heat on!

And I had a whopping 21 no spend days this month!!! I'm such a hermit in the winter time! I can hardly wait for spring to come!! I get so depressed this time of year, it will be nice when it stays light later and the sun is shining more!

So, now if I could just get rid of this darn cold, I will be feeling much better about things! I'm off to the drugstore to get some Nyquil and I have to go find a birthday gift for my neice. Hope everyone had a great January!


Escape Brooklyn said...

Wow, your spending was great this month! And don't feel bad about the football season tickets, if that's your thing. You deserve a splurge! (Although I am not interested in football AT ALL.) ;)

Lilo said...

21 no spend days! Impressive!

Monica said...

You did a great job, especially 20+ days of no spending.