Sunday, January 6, 2008

January, off to a great start

well, here it is, the 6th day of January and I have only had one day where I have spent any money. Yesterday started with some grocery shopping, I had put together a meal plan and a very detailed list. While shopping I adjusted my list and menu based on what I was able to get on sale. I left there spending only $48.88 and shouldn't have to go back for more than a week or so. I went to get my hair done, foiled and cut, I knew this would be my biggest expenditure of the day, but I do it so rarely, I was OK with spending the money. The gal didn't charge me as much as usual because I really only had her trim the very ends of my hair since I am trying to grow the length out, nice surprise! :) Then, I went to see my niece and nephew's brand new puppy and stopped at the pet store to pick up a toy, only $6.52 for a gift. Then last night several of my girlfriends and I were headed out to dinner and to see Jersey Boys (which I highly recommend if it's coming to your town). We were unable to go to dinner downtown because no where that we wanted to go was taking reservations due to the football playoffs, so we ended up eating at great restaurant near home that we love to go to and we always have a great dinner. Went to the show, came home and went to bed.

Sundays are my day to regroup and get ready for the week ahead, so I have spent the day doing laundry, cleaning, watching a movie and generally vegging out! :) I'm looking to the week ahead and am excited about the meal planning I have done and am curious to see how well this works out for m. I certainly hope it helps me to save money and avoid eating out. I think it will. I should have very few days where I spend any money this week. I'm trying to be very frugal this month in anticipation of February, which for some reason is always a very expensive month for me. Shortest month of the year and I always spend the most money! :( At least this year I will be prepared for it.

As for my mortgage payments, I have decided that early this year I will focus on putting the money into my retirement accounts and fully funding them before making accelerated payments to the mortgage. Once I have fully funded the retirement accounts and brought my emergency savings up to a level I am happy with, then I will put some extra money towards the mortgage. I will keep you posted on how it goes, I think it will be very motivating for me to see those retirement accounts growing.

Wishing everyone a great week.....


Lilo said...

Very impressive grocery totals. I am working on reducing my grocery bill too and grocery list certainly helps.
Have a great week ahead!

Canadian Saver said...

You're right, you're off to a great start in 2008!

I also am concentrating hard on the retirement savings.... it is so very important!!

Best of luck this year :-)

Kansas Simplicity said...

Great start to 2008. I went to Whole Foods this week and bought food. I love that store and the quality yet wow it can be so expensive as I miss having access to the farm and the many things like good food that cost almost next to nothing to grow. My bill was $101 which is a lot of $$$$$$$$ yet good food is one area I spend money. Congrats on the grocery budget and starting 2008 off with a great start!