Monday, July 30, 2007

What a fun parade....

Totally off the subject of finances, but I have to share! The parade was a lot of fun and the day was beautiful! Great floats and lots of bands, but the best part by far was the eye candy! The firefighters that do the calendar each year to benefit the burn foundation were in the parade! Holy hubba, they were some really good looking men! Well, Mr. November came over to me and picked me up, we had our picture taken and just a bunch of general flirting going on. Then to my surprise, he asked for my phone number! I just stood there dumbfounded and never gave it to him. In my mind, I kept thinking, he doesn't really want my phone number. So, he headed back out in to the parade and I missed my chance! WHAT was I thinking??! This guy was HOT! Well, if it's meant to be, somehow these things work there way out. Next time I will be more prepared and have a pen in hand! ;) I hope everyone had as much fun as I did this past weekend.

Friday, July 27, 2007

An very inexpensive month

July has been (I thought) a relatively expensive month for me, but now that there are only a couple days left in the month I am happy to report I will come in about $300 under budget! Yeah! I'm pouring over all of my information trying to figure out how this can be. Hmmm, I'm hoping this doesn't mean I screwed up somewhere and August is going to be expensive!

I paid an extra $257.21 on my mortgage this month, still plugging away at getting down to the 80% so I can drop the PMI. It's only about $57/month which I know isn't bad, but if I can drop it sooner, rather than later I will be able to have that much more go to principal AND there will be less of a principal balance that I can be charged interest on. I really hate paying interest!! Not sure if I really know anyone who likes it, but I have an extreme disdain for it!

My grocery and gas budgets were hardly tapped at all this month, I think due to the fact that I had gum surgery and wasn't eating much and didn't feel up to going out too much, this also has left a huge chunk of my entertainment budget in place as well. Oh, and I didn't buy any new clothes either, so that helps. I guess that would also explain the minimal eating out this month as well.

I did buy new tires for my car, but I had that money saved already for that purpose. Oh, I love having my new tires! My car rides so much smoother and is SO much quieter! :) Simple pleasures!

I have really enjoyed this mellow, quiet month and haven't felt like I missed out on anything spectacular by staying home a lot. I read several really great books, all borrowed from the library of course. I watched several movies at home on my free movie channels and On Demand that were free.

My mom bought me a book and told me not to be offended before she gave it to me, but she thought I might really enjoy it. And she was right. I'm a 35 year old, single gal and the book she bought me........can anyone guess? I'll post the answer next week, but I want to see if you have any ideas. The book taught me a lot about my finances and my outlook on what I had been doing, what I still need to do and what I have done right and wrong up to this point. If you have a guess let me know!

I am heading to a parade tomorrow evening which involves the entire day of staking out a good spot and waiting. My friend and I will take snacks with us and some books to keep us busy. Then the rest of our friends and family that are coming will be there around dinner time and will bring us a nice dinner in payment for keeping their seats for the big parade. Tonight I will be baking treats for us all to share tomorrow as well.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, July 23, 2007

An interesting comment....

I received an anonymous comment on my post, How I paid off my debt in 26 months. The commenter says, "Suicide looks better than a lifestyle like this"

Why is it that all negative comments are always written from anonymous?? I have very little respect for someone who can't tell me who they are when they put me down. Seems very cowardly to me.

I will admit that during this time of paying off my debt I was very lonely, I felt isolated from my friends and family because none of them were going through this like I was. It really wasn't a lot of fun living such a frugal lifestyle, but what kept me at it was knowing that this wasn't how I was going to have to live my life forever. The means justified the end. And now I have a beautiful condo, no debt and I have peace of mind that I didn't have during the frugal years. I have money in savings, I have money in retirement, I even have money in my wallet that for a lot of that time I didn't dare carry any cash because I knew I would spend it foolishly! And now and again I splurge a little on things for myself, I deserve it after all that I have achieved. I feel good about how far I have come in a relatively short amount of time.

So, now I say to you, anonymous, how much debt do you have? How much money do you have saved for your future? Tell me who you are and share your story.....

Monday, July 9, 2007

Just a few little notes on things that have been going on. As it's summer and the weather has been great, I have spent little to no time on my computer, therefore no posts. Sorry, I always want to play hooky when the weather is nice. Thought I would drop a quick note before I head out the door from work.

I have been out running a lot, early in the morning (4:30am) before it gets too hot. Last year at this time I was training for a marathon which was great fun, but I decided not to do it this year. I am thinking that next year I would like to do the Maui marathon. A great excuse to take a trip to Hawaii! :) So, I have started saving all of my found change in a big jar. So far so good, the bottom is covered and it's about an inch tall. I always round up my checks at the grocery store so I will get back a little change. And for some reason I have a knack for finding money. So all that will go in there too! This past weekend in fact I found a $10 bill while out walking! Yeah for me, too bad for person who lost it. I will add this to my marathon fund!

I am gearing up to have gum surgery this Friday! Ugh! Unfortunately I have been through this before, so I know exactly what to expect! I have stocked up on jello, pudding and ice cream for my recovery. Certainly won't be eating much, but oh well, when it's hot I rarely feel like eating anyway. I better head to the library and get some good books though. And I have yet to find out what this is going to cost me. My insurance should cover 80-90% which is great, but I don't know the total yet! I should really try to find that out before Friday!

And, I finally need to get new tires on my 2000 Honda Civic, first time though, so that's not bad! And I know that for this little car it won't be too extremely expensive. Thankfully! And I do need to get a new battery, also a first for this car. I keep reminding myself that it is much cheaper to maintain a car than to get a new one! ;) But why is it that these expenses always hit at once? Can someone please explain this to me? At least I have the money to pay for all of these things now and won't have to dig out the CC.

Well folks, I am heading out into the sunshine again. Don't forget to put your sunscreen on! Have a great day!