Monday, December 17, 2007

Things are coming together

The long shopping day really turned out well. I have almost all of the shopping done, with the exception of one movie for my nephew that isn't for sale until tomorrow. And the last few stocking stuffers that still need to be found. Hoping to have that done tomorrow when my brother and I go out shopping. All of the baking is done and has been delivered to recipients. :) I've even been to the zoo to see all the light displays. I feel so organized and ahead of the game now, I'm starting to doubt myself and wondering if I have forgotten something. I even got most of my baking supplies paid for by work as I will be bringing in a big platter of treats for Friday's office party. I'm definitely coming out money ahead this year and am planning on putting more money away for retirement before the month is over. I took advantage of a Costco rebate check I had to buy my nephew a game he has been wanting for his Nintendo DS, ended up only costing me about $8! :) I've also used my ebates rebate check to help fund my Christmas shopping this year. I've been saving all of my receipts and am looking forward to seeing just how much money I will have spent on the holidays this year. I'll let you all know on the 26th where I came in on the Christmas budget. Until then, I will continue to try to not spend too much money, but more importantly, I will enjoy the holidays. I hope you all will too.

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Sense to Dollars said...

I used my fatwallet check to partially fund my Christmas shopping. It totalled over $115! My whole shopping budget was $400, so that put a nice dent in the amount of $$ I had to actually EARN to pay for Christmas presents.

All told, over $315 of my $400 budget was taken care of through fatwallet, ebates, and credit card rebates. It really does make a difference!