Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Goals to finish out the year...

Well, last month I didn't budget, but just tracked my spending. For me, I think I spent less knowing that I had to track every penny than when I have certain allotments in each category to spend. I have decided to track again for the month of December and see where I end up. I pay myself first, then if there is money left at the end of the month, I pay myself again. This is proving to work pretty well for me.

My year end goal of having my net worth up to $70,000 isn't going to happen, damn it! But, I should definitely be able to have my cash savings up over $7,000. I haven't narrowed down my 2008 goals yet, but I have been giving them a lot of thought. I will continue to put the 3% in from my paycheck that company matches to the Simple IRA. Why wouldn't I, it's like free money! :) And I would really like to be able to contribute the full $5,000 to my Roth IRA as well. Other than that, I'm not sure what I am hoping to achiever financially speaking. Aside from finances, I have decided that 2008 will be another year for me to train for and run a marathon. Not sure if it will be Portland again, or if I want to try something else. I have thought about Maui, but I don't know. I think I need to spend some time researching different marathons and hopefully have my mind up by the end of February.

I have FINALLY gotten on my shopping for Christmas and just a couple of minutes ago the mail carrier just picked up one of the packages that I have to mail! yeah! I'm on my way. My mom, sister in law and I are all taking the day off from work on 12/14 for our marathon shopping day! We will head out about 8:00am and usually don't get home until midnight or so! Hopefully that day I can get the rest of my stuff done. I really don't have all that much to do, it's just getting to it. I have one more gift that I have to mail, so I really need to get that one taken care of in the next couple of days, hopefully I can mail it out on Monday.

I am going to a black tie Christmas party on Friday night, I'm very excited! I am going to wear a dress I already have along with the shoes, nylons, and all accessories, I don't have to buy anything for the evening! Yeah! Should be fun!

How is December looking for everyone else?

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How was the party?? Where was it held?