Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas shopping will be done.......

SOON! Tomorrow I have the day off from work to go and do the marathon shopping day with my mom and sister in law. I have my list of everyone I need to buy for, along with several ideas for each. Thankfully my brother/sister in law and I do not exchange gifts, we just do stocking stuffers anymore. :) I love stockings! You can get some of the greatest stuff in there! I really only have to buy for my Godmother, Grandma, Friend (both Christmas and birthday gifts), finish off a gift for a co-worker and my niece and nephew! That's not bad!

Besides the shopping trip tomorrow, I have one other evening of shopping planned with my brother. This is a tradition that started when we were kids, my dad would always take us shopping on a school night, we would shop really late, probably until about 8:30, which seemed really late to an 8 year old, then we would go out for dinner. It was so fun to go shopping just the 3 of us! Well, since my dad passed away 16 years ago, my brother and I still carry on the tradition and it's still so much fun! That is the night I hope to complete the rest of my shopping, and hoping to not have to go to the mall again until after the holidays!

I have also decided to use my bonus and money from my Grandma to buy some new clothes. But should I wait until after Christmas to buy these and hopefully take advantage of the after Christmas sales, or do I buy something now if I see it and like it? I am in desperate need of some new clothes, I realized this morning that this is the 4th day this week I have stood in front of my closet and have had such a hard time trying to find something to wear. Of course it would help if I would take that stack of clothes to the dry cleaners and get them back, but it would also be nice to have something to wear in my closet that doesn't need to be dry cleaned. What's a girl to do????

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Simplicity In Kansas said...

Humm...I think waiting post xmas makes sense for better prices yet my only advice is buy top quality and that always cost more. My strategy when I buy things is first class for new things yet still I go to the thrift store and find new things which are great. javascript:void(0)
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