Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So much going on.....

Sorry I haven't posted since before Thanksgiving! Where has the time gone? I can't believe we are so close to December already! Well, my month of not budgeting has gone fairly well. I only spent $60 on gas and $52 on eating out. Groceries were $124, but that was feeding extra people, my turn to prepare the main dish for tailgating and making food for Thanksgiving dinner, so I am pretty pleased with how this came out.

I have been working WAY too much and therefore have been coming home, eating cereal or soup and calling it a night early, only to get up early the next day and do it all again many times over. This is one of those times I wish I had a job where I was paid hourly instead of salary! I would have earned SO much overtime this month! Oh well! It should all pay off when it rolls around to my review and raise time.

I have had 11 no spend days so far this month which makes me very happy. I'm sure I won't have nearly that many in December what with all the Christmas shopping I will be doing. Speaking of Christmas shopping, I still haven't done much about this. I have my list of what I am going to get everyone, I just can't seem to muster up the energy to get out there and shop. Anyone else having trouble with this too? I was at the mall one Saturday this month and it was so crazy busy in there I vowed that I would only be going out there during the week after work. So far, that plan hasn't worked, but maybe next week! I just need to take my list and go to it.

Over the holiday weekend I did get my tree up and all decorated, it looks great and I love coming home and turning on the Christmas tree lights. ;)

I have to go out shopping still for a baby shower gift for this Saturday, maybe I can knock a few things off my Christmas list while I am at it. Wish me luck!

I hope November was a good month for everyone and that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Gotta run now, I'm at work and must get back to it. :)


SavingDiva said...

So far, I've purchased all of my christmas gifts online. I'm going to try to avoid the mall totally this holiday season!

Escape Brooklyn said...

Same here! (Well, almost - I went to three stores to avoid paying shipping fees, but everything else I bought online.)

Shopping online was so much easier than dealing with the crowds. It's also nice because I buy a lot of gifts for people in other states, so by shopping online I can just have presents directly shipped to friends & family with a gift message. Saves me a trip to the post office, too!

fin_indie said...

Hey, I just noticed that my blog is on your reading list -- thanks for that! Also, welcome to the PF community!

Kim said...

You will do great with your christmas shopping this year, I have spent less than 500.00 this year on 13 people and I only have my special guy left on the shopping list. Look for those bargins online too!