Monday, October 15, 2007

Goals, to finish out the year

I was looking at my spreadsheet of my finances that I have kept since I was in the throes of paying off debt. It's really great sometimes to look at it and see how far I have come, from being over $30,000 in debt, to now owning my own condo and with the exception of the mortgage, I am debt free. As you may have noticed, I have added my net worth graph to my blog, and it has gotten me thinking. What would I like to see that graph look like by the end of the year? And what about next year and the year after that? 10 years from now? Well, before I get too far, I would like to share some of my goals for the next few months to finish up the year with it.

*I would like to see that Net Worth total be at $70,000 or higher.

*I would like to have $7,000 in my savings account.

And some other goals I have had for 2007, I have already achieved. I bought my first home in April and I love it! I am even enjoying paying the mortgage as opposed to writing that rent check each month and saying goodbye to that money forever. I also have remained, consumer debt free and although I use my credit cards each month, I also pay them off in full each month. I really dislike paying interest. Have I told you that before? LOL!

As for 2008, my number one goal is to get the amount of my mortgage down to 80% so I can drop that damn PMI! It's only about $20,000 left until that point and I think if I am very diligent I just might be able to do it. At the latest I would like to see this gone by June of 2009. I will use my bonuses and I have decided to put my survey money and any "extras" to that. 2008 it will also be a year that I remain consumer debt free, I just can't imagine slipping back in to my old habits of shopping and paying for it over and over in the form of interest. I don't want to put too many goals down, but I would like to focus on these big ones.

Has anyone else started to think about goals for 2008? If you have, I would love to hear about them.........


shinyruby2 said...

hmm well I hadn't really thought of any 08 goals. I just want to kick my credit card debt OVER, and make a head start on real savings and then have some control in regards to this money thing.

Since changing jobs in the last month I've noticed a big change in my situation and now I'm about savings. It is such a fantastic feeling to have some money behind me, even if I still have debt. So be rest assured I am looking forward to reading yr notes well into 2008!!

thanks : )

YeaYuh said...

I actually just started a blog about my goals for 2007. However, I have been thinking about next year.

*I am aiming at $10,000 emergency fund.
* Just bought a house last December. I am in the same boat and want to get rid of my PMI payment.
* Walk 365 miles over the year.
* Read 12 non-fiction or classic books.

I am sure I will have a few more items before the end of the year.

SavingDiva said...

I just want to get into school...and create a decent emergency fund!