Friday, September 14, 2007

Sometimes you are deceived into believing you are getting a deal

I was looking over my Comcast bill the other day and thinking it was pretty high for what I was getting or I should say, what I was using. This all got started when I received an offer in the mail for Clearwire Internet services which looked like it was going to be fairly reasonably priced. I decided to call Comcast and see what could be done to lower my bill. I should tell you, I have one of their bundle packages, so it should be a deal, or so I thought. My bundle of cable, Internet and phone was $99 but with all the taxes and fees added on, it was costing me over $125/month! So, I never use my home phone, I only have it so I can have Internet. Turns out, I don't need the home phone, nor do I need the super-extended cable that came with my bundle. There really isn't anything good on those extra channels, so why am I paying for them? So, I have dropped my landline and changed my cable to basic and I have now saved myself over $60/month plus all those taxes they charge for that $60! Yeah! Why pay for something you aren't using? I feel pretty good about the savings I got today and will enjoy it much more when bill paying comes along next month. Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I decided to cancel my cable on Friday, not my internet of course. I hardly EVER turn the TV on. They are charging me $13.99 to turn it OFF. What a ripoff. I'll pay it though rather than continue to pay $47 for something I am not using.