Monday, September 24, 2007

Must be the change in seasons.....

but I already feel like hibernating, which is not a bad thing! Hard to spend money if you are burying your head. My biggest entertainment this time of year are college football games that I have season tickets too. We do spend the entire day down at the stadium tailgating before the game and everyone brings some food to share, so it's a fun, fairly inexpensive day, except the tickets, but those are purchased all the way back in February, so it really doesn't feel like I am spending any money this time of year.

We are heading on vacation though at the end of October, we will be going to Disneyland for 4 days, then driving north to Stockton for my Gramma's 90th birthday. While we are in Disneyland the hotel is only going to be $720 for 4 nights, and I will be paying 1/5th of that. So, not bad for me. My aunt is getting us discount tickets for the parks and airfare should only be about $220 even with the multi-destination like we are doing. So, not too bad and it will be so much fun to go to Disneyland with my niece and nephew who are 5 and 9. Good fun!

Other than that, it is a pretty frugal time of year for me. It gets dark so early that I usually come home from work and am in for the night, so not much money spent going out. This will be my first year in my condo, so I am curious as to what it will take to heat the unit. I'm hoping not much! I tend to make a lot of soup and casseroles during the winter too, which I usually make out of whatever I have on hand, so they don't cost much.

Today I set up an auto transfer of $10/week to my ING savings account, I don't think I will even notice $10 being gone in which case I may bump it up to $20/week. We'll see how it goes. I was giving it a lot of thought this weekend about how I still feel really strange about my finances and seem to have lost a lot of passion for them. Then I realized, that while I was paying off debt, I was sending multiple payments in each month, therefore I was always seeing a decrease in my total debt balance. Got me thinking that if I want to see my savings increase, I had to do something to continually see it growing, so I set up this weekly transfer. I hope it works to make me get excited about saving and watching my money grow the way it did watching my debt decrease. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is the answer I am looking for.

Wishing everyone a happy end of summer evening. Over and out........


Anonymous said...

Great job!

Adding to savings is empowering and you are doing a perfect amount and as you increase it slowly you won't notice it at all.


Keep it up!

Kansas Simplicity said...

Disneyland sounds great! Wow...that will be a great time and with young people, it makes even more fun to see the expressions and wonderment although adults can have fun too. Enjoy the vacation and Disneyland.

Simplicity in Kansas