Thursday, August 2, 2007

Way too much stuff....

My parents are in the process of moving and I have been helping them pack all their stuff. Oh my, what a chore this has been! I have probably put in close to 50 hours helping them pack up and we still have lots and lots of work ahead of us. They have been in this house for only 10 years, but I am amazed at how much they have accumulated in those 10 years! I helped them pack up when they moved last time and it wasn't nearly this bad, and they had been in that house for 24 years! As I was packing up all of this stuff it got me to thinking about how much money they spend on material things! Yikes! It made me really glad I have decided to live a paired down, simpler lifestyle. I was packing up the pantry and had to throw so much food out because it had expired, some of it over 2 years ago! It mad realize that by having so much stuff, they couldn't even tell what they had, therefore a lot of things were wasted! It seems like such a shame to waste all of this stuff, but what can you do? You may recall that I recently moved, I packed all of my things without any help, then on moving day, it only took 2 1/2 hours to move all my stuff from point A to point B. And I had it all unpacked and put away within the next two days! My mom did say that all of this work of packing made her not want to go shopping for anything ever again. I'm guessing that this feeling will fade rather quickly and she will be out shopping again soon! Just my thoughts on having too many things! What are your thoughts?


Bailey said...

It is pretty impressive that you were able to move all your stuff in 2 1/2 hours!

Last time we moved from Houston to St. Louis, we had the same feeling. We had to pack up and move so much crap, I never wanted to buy anything again!

And while that feeling has faded some, we still keep that in mind. We try to do one night a week where we make dinner our of stuff in our cabinets, keeping us from geting to much stuff in there.

And we have been selling a good amount of our junk on eBay.

AndyfromSimi said...

Makes me think just how much of this economy is "junk" purchases. Recently, I half-emptied a storage unit we maintain for our "junk" from our cross country move... wish I had just tossed it all into the sea!

I lot of it is old equipment and stuff use in my former business which I ran from home in Virginia. Live has changed so much here in California that I now don't see myself ever returning to my former work... It will be something totally different next time around... can't see much use for the stuff I have now. Maybe Ebay is calling.

Monica said...

Gosh, I wish we could have moved that quickly! While I purged a great deal while I packed and even as I unpacked (there is a large donation pile in the basement), I have been out to some garage sales but I'm much more selective about what comes into the house. My parents will be moving in a couple of years and they have a lot of stuff and have been in their house for over 30 years. I might be out of town that weekend. ;)