Monday, August 13, 2007

The book........

A couple of people have asked me what book my mom bought for me. Here you go,it was:

Prince Charming Isn't Coming! Thanks MOM! Glad to know that she has so much faith in my finding someone! Ha! Actually it was a GREAT book and I would highly recommend it! The author was the daughter to one of the founders of H&R Block, she inherited a fortune and her first husband managed to practically bankrupt them. There was so much great information in this book for anyone, not just single women. It also stresses the importance for all women to take care of themselves, regardless of how financially secure they are with their spouses. I would highly recommend it. I would tell you who the author was, but I have loaned it out to a friend. I think it was Barbara Stanny? If someone knows, please put it in the comments. Thanks!

One more day of vacation, then back to the grindstone!

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