Monday, July 23, 2007

An interesting comment....

I received an anonymous comment on my post, How I paid off my debt in 26 months. The commenter says, "Suicide looks better than a lifestyle like this"

Why is it that all negative comments are always written from anonymous?? I have very little respect for someone who can't tell me who they are when they put me down. Seems very cowardly to me.

I will admit that during this time of paying off my debt I was very lonely, I felt isolated from my friends and family because none of them were going through this like I was. It really wasn't a lot of fun living such a frugal lifestyle, but what kept me at it was knowing that this wasn't how I was going to have to live my life forever. The means justified the end. And now I have a beautiful condo, no debt and I have peace of mind that I didn't have during the frugal years. I have money in savings, I have money in retirement, I even have money in my wallet that for a lot of that time I didn't dare carry any cash because I knew I would spend it foolishly! And now and again I splurge a little on things for myself, I deserve it after all that I have achieved. I feel good about how far I have come in a relatively short amount of time.

So, now I say to you, anonymous, how much debt do you have? How much money do you have saved for your future? Tell me who you are and share your story.....


shawna said...

wow. I'm gonna guess this person is in loads of debt, eh?
I think it's awesome that you paid it all off so quickly!

Zachary said...

Yeah, all the negative comments on my site are from anonymous users, too. Darkness has always lurked in the shadows, though!

Escape Brooklyn said...

My husband is much better than I am at laughing at the negative (and always anonymous) comments that seem inevitable on blogs. It's just a blog, he says, but I take things so personally.

Whoever posted that comment on your blog is just jealous! And if being aware of your finances and living a frugal lifestyle so you can achieve your dreams is worse than suicide, why is this person reading a PF blog in the first place?

I was called a lot of nasty things when one of my posts about how my neighborhood is gentrifying was picked up by one of the Brooklyn blogs. But I was most offended by being called "old." I'm only 31!! ;)

Ashley said...

Don't let them get you down. You have so much to be proud of. They are only jealous, and as a result are trying to bring you down.

Kansas Simplicity said...

LOL...I too get a negative comments from time to time.

Kansas Simplicity said...

Opps..Hit enter too soon. Yes, I get some comments like from time to time and I find it interesting. I have concluded it is easier to find fault then to live a life full of passion, direction and purpose. Also, when an example comes forward, like yourself, that challenges the conventional wisdom of others, it will always meet with resistance. I had an exchange with a person at work that went like this Person - I do not like what you are Simplicity - Great as your dislike validates all that I am. Thanks for the validating me. That resulted in a huge look of surprise.

So, I place a lot of the items on ignore as negative comments are meant to control you and drive you back in acceptance and I will never return there and suspect you will not either.

Keep up the great work...Proud of what you are!

Simplicity in Kansas

elizabeth said...

I just read the post that you're referencing and found that you and I made many of the same lifestyle changes in order to pay off our debt. Like you, I acknowledge that it was not easy, but I am grateful for the changes I made and have kept many (but not all) of the new habits that I started during my debt payoff. I don't miss cable TV, for example... it's one less bill to pay and the programming isn't all that great.

Don't worry about the naysayers... we do what we have to do in life, and what works for some doesn't work for others. All that matters is that what you did worked for you, and it worked out for the best! Keep up the good habits.

shinyruby2 said...

To counter some negativity, here's a bit of positive loving.

I LOVE that post of yours - I have it saved and i turn to it when I'm feeling overwhelmed about my debt. It has given me hope. And it's sensible.

You lived like no one else for a while, so NOW YOU ARE LIVING LIKE NO ONE ELSE (to paraphrase dave ramsey).

For me, spending time focussing on needs (not wants) and being sensible about money, means that now you are reaping the benefits. Me? I'd rather that than the headache of wondering how yr gonna cover the next unexpected surprise.

Thanks for sharing your tips : )