Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My nephew interviewed me....

for a 3rd grade project. They are currently learning about jobs, money and responsibility. His assignment was to interview an adult in his family about their first job. I was thrilled that he asked me and had a great time sharing. It also brought back memories of that first job of bagging groceries at the local Albertsons and getting my paycheck for $50.40 before taxes for my 15 hours of work. Yes, I was making $3.36/hour and when I worked on Sundays and made time and a half, I really thought I had made it in the world! One of the questions he asked me was, "What did you learn from your first job that you have taken with you in your life?" I told him that it is important to find a job you love, and although it took many jobs and a lot of life experience to figure this next one out, you should always spend less than you make! He looked at me like I had instantly grown 2 heads! His mom looked at me and thanked me for that bit of advice and told him that one was very important and don't ever forget it. You will be much happier in life if you spend less than you make!

I hope these are lessons he is learning and will hold on to. I would hate to see him make some of the money mistakes I have made. Then again, sometimes it is by doing things the hard way that we learn the greatest lesson.

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