Friday, May 25, 2007

Tomorrow I will eat..........a lot!

Tonight is the end of my food stamp challenge and I can't wait to have a really nice meal tomorrow. I like to eat, frequently and quite a bit at a time, so this has been really hard for me. I have found that I am not as alert or thinking as clearly during this week, not to mention that I have been so tired, I have gone to bed early every night. This challenge has certainly made me realize that it is just as important to fuel our minds as it is our bodies with the food we eat.

I hope everyone makes it a great weekend, be thankful for what you have and take some time to reflect on your life. Best wishes all!


Kansas Simplicity said...

Wow..This has been an interesting experiment for sure. I agree with you that having a good diet allows the mind to work, the body to function and the soul to be satisfied. Why the soul - No truer love than the love of food and wine - a quote I read somewhere and agree.

While I work to reduce my expenses and eliminate about 25% of the cost of food by not shopping at whole foods, I really do believe eating well is part of my health plan and life plan and having the right food makes a difference yet that does mean wasteful.

Thanks for sharing as this is a type of experiment that makes one think about the consequence of living in the path of others.

Have a great Holiday!

Simplicity in Kansas

The Big Saver said...

I laughed at the heading of this post, but I definitely think your participation in this experiment is admirable.

Like Kansas Simplicity, I too have areas where I can trim my grocery budget (mostly in the snack aisle!), but I gather from your experience that being too severe might not be the route to take.

Thnx so much for sharing