Friday, May 4, 2007

A nice little windfall....

So, I have just moved into my new condo and I will be looking at my budget and obviously having to do some tweaking of it since I now have higher housing expenses including things like condo dues. Now I have unpacked all my boxes and am really getting settled in and I love my new digs! I was the first person to move into the complex and everything is so shiny and new and it's great. So, I checked into my condo dues and who do I pay them to, when are they due, etc. Turns out, I don't have to start paying them until the entire complex is done, which won't be until probably Feb. 2008!! Yeah! That's a savings of $200/month which I will put into my savings account as if I were making the payment already and it will add a nice cushion to my savings. I also found out I don't have to pay my electric until then either because it is easier for the developer to pay it all together and it's a nice bonus for those of us living through the inconvenience of construction. Gotta love it when you can save money like that! Certainly will make it easier for me to buy the couple things I need in order to really make my new place feel like home. Make it a great weekend everyone! :)


Kansas Simplicity said...

Congratulations on the savings. I know this will be a great budget builder for you during the current year. Finding that type of money and savings it is a great event.

Simplicity in Kansas

nhcardhunter said...

Is he treating for lunch and dinner as well? Sounds like you've got it made.