Saturday, May 19, 2007

How I saved $50 today....

This morning I had an appt. to get my hair foiled, a partial foil and a haircut. Now I use to go to a salon that would charge $100 for the partial foil and the service included a haircut. So, even if I didn't need a haircut, I would still pay $100 either way. A long time ago I would go to a beauty school to get my hair done and I remembered it being fairly inexpensive. So, I called and made an appt, it would be $49.95 for a partial foil and $9.95 for a haircut. So, I booked my appt and was happily counting the $40 I would save over the other salon. The gal on the phone mentioned that coloring was the special that month at the school and if I went to the website, I could print out a coupon to save $10! So, now I am getting my haircut and foiled for half the price of the salon I had been going to, and I get the good feeling of helping a student get more experience. Plus I don't have to try to make conversation with the annoying guy that had been doing my hair. Now I could either get my hair done twice as often and still spend the same amount yearly, or I can keep up my regular schedule and spend half as much. I think I will enjoy putting that extra money into my savings every month. :) Hope everyone is having a happy, healthy and fun weekend.


Kansas Simplicity said...

Excellent...I will start looking around for a place or school. I go to Great Clips and that is always $20 or so total cost when I am done so savings a little money in that area can help my savings rate. Great thought and thank for sharing.

Also, let us know if you pleased with the outcome too. Curious.


Simplicity in Kansas

Anonymous said...

What a great way to focus on saving. You will have to post a before and after photo!