Friday, May 18, 2007

Could you survive on foods stamps?

I receive a monthly newsletter from Food Lifeline with information in regards to feeding the homeless and less fortunate. I also volunteer my time there. This months newsletter had an interesting challenge that I have decided to take on. As a single person, if I were to receive benefits, the amount I would receive would most likely be around $21 for food for the entire week. That averages out to only $1/meal, no snacks. The challenge is to see if I can make it the entire week shopping only with $21 and feed myself and manage to keep myself from going hungry while doing this. I will keep a food journal and a journal of my shopping trips. Should be interesting. My 7 days will start at breakfast tomorrow morning. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. I have a feeling I won't be liking a whole lot of what I will be eating. I tend to open my refrigerator and even though it is fairly full, I can't seem to find anything to eat. Does anyone else do this?


Kansas Simplicity said...

While not the same things, I did think about this. I was over at a friends house and their refrigerator was overfull to the 'rim'. When they saw my unit at my place, the only comment was how empty yet I have enough food for the week. Then my thought turned to the fact about when the fridge is full of things they can go stale and are not always eaten or used which is waste in many ways. So, a lean refrigerator can be a good thing yet living on a $1 a day is no doubt a struggle. I do not think I could do this on a personal note although I have had some very frugal months.

Frugal Disney Mom said...

I have survived on food stamps for years. Some times only getting 40.00 a month. But it kept my son fed while I was in college.