Monday, April 2, 2007

March...a month in review!

Well, March was certainly a very exciting month! I decided to start my pursuing my dream of becoming a homeowner and was met with success! I met with a mortgage broker, found out I have awesome credit (yeah!) and was pre-approved for a mortgage. Now I have started the shopping process and I think I may have already found what I am looking for. But, I am going to go out shopping some more just to make sure. I have to at least institute my 7 day rule.

As for other financial news, I came in under my budget total for the month. Went over in some categories and stayed under in others. I am still on my grocery shopping hiatus, at least until Friday which is payday. I earned some extra money from selling some items on Craiglist, mailing in a rebate offer and filling out some surveys. I also found a lot of money this month while out walking around and paying attention. All that money went in to savings, along with saving 38% of my take home salary! Wahoo! I had no idea that it would come out to that much. Maybe next month I can hit the big 40%. All depends I guess on whether I buy a condo that soon or not.

I was looking forward to a frugal weekend this past weekend, but I had no idea it would be this frugal. I got sick on Friday night/Saturday morning with a stomach bug, so I didn't go anywhere on Saturday and stayed home lying on the couch most of the day. Hard to spend any money when you don't go anywhere and don't feel like eating anything.

Other than that I am making a more conscious effort to save money anywhere I can. Not wasting food, turning off lights, air drying my clothes. Packing a snack with me when I am going to be out and about. Drinking water instead of soda. Walking to the store instead of driving, this savings tip is twofold. One I am not using gas to go there and two, I can only buy what I can carry the mile back home.

I hope everyone had a positive cash flow for March and that April will bring showers of health, wealth and happiness.


Kansas Simplicity said...

A great month end for sure...Congratulations on your savings percent. Also, I took a lesson from you and the Great Change Race and started looking for change..Found almost a $1 the past few weeks as this pastime is a lot of fun. Keep up the great work.

Debt Hater said...

Congrats on your home search! Have you ever taken a homebuyers course? I took one and it was invaluable. There's all kinds of things you might not think of but are really important. If you're curious, I can e-mail you the highlights of my notes!

Windfall Woman said...

You have developed some wonderful habits! Congrats!

AndyfromSimi said...

How much did you find this past month? Last night, while paying for my groceries at the supermarket I watched a lady using the coin counting machine. She was feverishly dumping coins in the machine and seem in a big hurry. The Bank ATM is right next to the machine and I was in need of some more cash so after paying for my groceries, I stopped by this ATM and also continued to watch the lady in her "coin dumping haste."

She quickly got her receipt for her coin count and rush away... She left 8 pennies in the machine's reject shoot. I quickly scoop them up after my visit at the ATM.

She, I surmise, either didn't notice or care about the 8 penny rejects... maybe the amount was too frivolous for her to worry about... I wonder if she care if it was 50 cents or one dollar worth of coins? At what, point does one care about money? I was taught from an early age that all amounts of money should be taken in account with careful attention. Maybe that's why I'm never short of money and she needs to count-up her spare change to do a little grocery shopping. Personally, I never use one of those machines... the fees at atrociously high!