Friday, March 23, 2007

A new challenge

Today is payday and I recently changed my direct deposit so that more of my money (32% of my paycheck) goes into my savings account each payday. I have written out my bills that will need to be paid in the next 2 weeks and I have $179.26 left in my checking account until next payday, which is April 6th. Now I do have money in my savings that I can draw on if I really need it, but I am hoping to make it to the 6th with all my savings in tact. Do you think I can do it? I have a birthday party to attend that I have to buy a present for still and I was suppose to have a night out with the girls on the 31st, but I have decided to forgo that because a couple of people I don't care for will be going and it would ruin the fun for me. But other than gas and a few groceries, I think I should be able to make it just fine. I know this sounds strange, but I really like to challenge myself like this and for some reason I seem to have amazing discipline when I decide to do something. For example, I decided that I wanted to run a marathon, I trained for and completed the Portland Marathon last October, training was grueling and I had to do many 14, 16, 18, and 20 mile training runs beforehand, but I did it and I enjoyed it. I started doing sit ups every night before bed, now I am up to 400 a night and can't seem to get to sleep until I have them done. I know, strange! So, this is a new challenge and I will see how I do with it. Do you ever challenge yourself like this?? Or am I bizarre? :) Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Kansas Simplicity said...

I know you will make your goals. Anyone who can run and train like you do will be a success. I am impressed and congrats on the credit score. Excellent news and this will save you SO much money over your lifetime it is amazing. Great progress and have a fantastic weekend.

Debt Hater said...

Of course you can do it! I'm proud of your aggressive saving strategy. Hopefully I will follow in your footsteps in time!

AndyfromSimi said...

CAN YOU MAKE IT UNTIL THE 6th? I think, most definitely. Just spend a few hours each night... cooking a big meal with fresh veggies. All that cutting and chopping will tire you out... you'll feel no need to spend any money.

Of course, you'll need to purchase the veggies.

Other ideas:

Take a long walk.
Read a book.
find an old piece of furniture to refinish... START SANDING!