Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I am not a patient person

I want to buy a condo and I want to do it now! I look online all the time at what is out there and available. I am trying really hard to put money into my savings, every chance I get. I changed my direct deposit from work so that I am now saving 32% of my salary every two weeks. Once I am use to this, I will try to adjust it a little bit more at a time so that more and more of my salary is going into savings. I like the idea that Simplicity in Kansas has for living on half of their income and saving the rest. This is really helping the savings to grow quickly, and I am selling everything I can or don't need anymore in order to add more to the savings. I want to have as healthy a down payment as possible so that when the time comes I have greater buying power. I have a good friend who is a realtor and she is keeping her eye out for good homes for me as well. She knows I don't want anything too big, but I would like "nice"! I fear that I am very picky about what I want to buy and therefore it may take me awhile, but in the meantime I will just keep putting money into savings and hopefully by the end of this year or early next year I will be a homeowner! I must admit that looking at mortgage options scares the bejeezus out of me, but I know this is a good thing and will only help my net worth grow. I have got to get over that fear! As much as I want to buy a home NOW, I am also scared! Bear with me while I ramble on about things, I'm getting there $1 at a time.


Escape Brooklyn said...

Do you mind if I ask where you live so I can peek at your real estate options? I'm pretty obsessed with buying property and think it's a great/necessary idea for achieving wealth (as David Bach always writes), but I really only know NYC and Philly well.

You're in Washington? I have friends who are planning to move to Seattle so I've done a little digging, but I really don't know much yet except that Seattle's pricey!

Kansas Simplicity said...

32%...Congratulations! That is outstanding and thanks for the kind verbiage. I find living on half of what I make had made my savings grow and grow and I know you are well on your way to success to buying a home. With the real estate implosion happening, I do believe great deals are becoming more common. You may want to check out the blog


as I find a lot of good insight and comments.

Good Luck!

Simplicity in Kansas

nhcardhunter said...

You should never be in a rush to buy anything if you want my opinion. Taking your time is not only wise, but it also lessens the risk of making a bad decision. Meanwhile, the money that you're saving continues to grow. Relax, and have a cup of tea. Life is too short!



Lisa said...

Compared to me, you have the patience of a saint, being so disciplined in your spending and doing so much to get yourself out of debt and into the habit of saving for what you want. I'm sure your condo will be great and you'll have peace of mind knowing that you earned it.