Friday, March 30, 2007

Frugal weekend ahead...

So, here it is Friday morning and I am looking forward to the weekend. Big plans you ask? Nope, not at all, which is why I am so looking forward to it. :) Seems like every weekend is always so busy and full of things to do that we rarely get a chance to relax and rejuvenate from a busy week, so come Monday mornings I feel like I still need a weekend. Well not this time. The only thing I have planned is dinner on Sunday for my sister in laws birthday. I bought her gift a week ago, it is wrapped and ready to go and I don't have to bring anything for dinner or dessert either! Yah! This afternoon after work I am going home to make chicken chow mien for dinner, most of the ingredients are chopped and ready to go, the chicken is already cooked, so all I will have to do is put it together. Tomorrow I have absolutely nothing planned but maybe taking a walk if the weather is nice, catching up on some reading and a watching a movie that will be in tomorrows mail from Netflix. I have decided to forgo the evening out on Saturday with my girlfriends, one because I don't want to spend the money on it and two because there are a couple of people going who I don't enjoy spending time with so I think it would ruin it for me and then I would resent the fact that I am spending money on a not so fun evening. It will be interesting to see how much money I spend on this weekend with not many plans, I am hoping it will be as frugal as I am anticipating. :) I'll let you all know on Monday as I think I will try to stay off the computer all weekend as well. Time to regroup and re-energize and spend some quality time with me. Catch up with you all on Monday, I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Be kind to yourself.

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