Monday, February 26, 2007

Sorry I have been gone

I was busy housesitting this past weekend and there was no computer or Internet, so I was stranded. It felt really weird to spend an entire weekend not logging on and checking in, but yet in a way, it was a nice break! I spent my weekend playing with a little puppy and really just relaxing and enjoying. The house I was staying in was small, but very nice. The couple who live there could certainly afford more, but they are quite happy there. They have renovated and made their small space very comfortable and nice. It got me to thinking, I live alone and how much space do I really need? Currently I live in a 2 bedroom, 2 story townhouse that is way too big for just me. And since I am thinking about buying a home soon, just exactly what will I need or want. I think I would rather have a nicer, small place than a big one that isn't as nice. With a smaller space, I wouldn't have as much upkeep, less cleaning, it would cost less to maintain and heat as well. I feel like I have gotten a better idea of what I am hoping to find when I go out looking and what I might be happy living in. If I had a smaller space that cost me less, I would be able to still do more things like travel. I will keep you posted on how I see my home buying going and what I am leaning towards, but for now I am thinking smaller. Do I really need more stuff? I don't think so, I have been spending time trying to get rid of stuff, why would I want to accumulate more? I feel really good about what I have discovered about myself this weekend.

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