Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gift money

What do you do with gift money? I am so bad at spending money that even when I get money I have a hard time spending it. I know people give the gift of money so that you can go out and buy yourself something that you have been wanting, but I never know what to do with it. I ask because I just received a check in the mail yesterday from my Grandma for my birthday and I still have the money she gave me at Christmas. I just don't know what to do with it. Is it OK to leave it in my savings account to add to the down payment for my own home or should I be going out and buying a sweater or something with it? BTW, I already have 37 sweaters!!! What to do, what to do? HELP!!! I look forward to your advise! thanks!


Wanda said...

I think it's fine to use the $$$ for a down payment, unless she was very specific about what she wanted the money to be for. If you think your grandma won't mind, write her a nice note and tell her that the money's going towards your new home and you thank her for making your dream of becoming a homeowner one step closer.

And... 37 sweaters? I'm a sucker for cashmere and am very jealous. :)

Lifemuncher said...

Give it to me! :)

nhcardhunter said...

I say treat yourself with the money. You're well on you way to your goals and buying yourself a little something won't throw you off track. In fact, It may even serve as motivation.



Anonymous said...

I usually just put money that I get as gifts in a separate part of my wallet. I figure that sometime I will think of something or see something that I really want for myself and then I will have that money there to get it. I don't spend it on anything else like groceries. The last thing I bought with my gift money was a hand held GPS that I take on my walks to keep track of how far I walk.

T-Rex said...

I just put it in the bank, it mixes with the other money. G-ma would be happy to know that my cellphone bill is paid off.